Saturday, May 8, 2010

David the Great Repenter

2 Samuel 12; Psalm 32; Psalm 51

David sinned against the Lord when he satisfied selfish lust.
Now he had to live with the fact that he had broken trust.
Adultery, murder, and cover-up—sin heaped upon sin.
Uriah died, the mourners cried, and David withered within.

“When I kept silent,” he later wrote, “I felt my bones grow old.”
His severed communion with his God brought emptiness to his soul.
God in mercy desired to forgive and restore his peace and joy,
But first there must be a public disclosure of David’s private ploy.

Nathan the Prophet came to the king and told him a story true.
David responded by telling him what the offender should do.
Nathan boldly addressed the king, “Receive this if you can,
For God has revealed everything. Truly you are that man.”

The Lord is gracious but also just. There is a penalty for man’s sin.
Never again will life go on with things as they once had been.
David had stolen another man’s wife. Many had lost their lives.
There was a day yet ahead when another would take his wives.

When confronted by Nathan’s words, the king was quick to repent.
He didn’t invent a story absurd, but to the Lord he went.
David lay prostrate on his face with prayers and heartfelt cries.
He refused to leave that place til the newborn lived or died.

It all happened as Nathan proclaimed; the babe went to heaven above.
Another child, Solomon by name, was given and greatly loved.
Fellowship with God was restored and David continued to grow,
But soon sin’s fruit would be underscored when the winds of adversity blow.

We should learn from David’s sin and employ its application.
Sin brings sorrow deep within and outward contamination.
Most have regrets about our youth with all the things done wrong,
But let us embrace this record of truth and determine to finish strong.

A broken and contrite heart O God, You will not despise.
I offer You my broken spirit to fashion and revise.
Take my mind, my soul, my strength. Use them in Your employ
To bring peace and hope for all and never to destroy.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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