Friday, April 30, 2010

David Ascends to the Throne

2 Samuel 1-4

When Saul and Jonathan died in battle, David mourned for them.
His heart was pure; his love was true; his grief was genuine.
Though Saul abandoned obedience to follow fleshly ways,
David respected God’s anointed until the very last day.

Our Lord sent David back to Judah, to dwell in Hebron town.
His faithful men and families came to live in the cities around.
Shortly thereafter the house of Judah anointed him as king.
Fifteen years had flown by since Samuel’s first anointing.

The ten northern tribes of Israel installed Ishbosheth, Sauls’s son.
God would yet unite the nation, but His work was not yet done.
For seven years and six full months, David led the Southern nation.
The Bible records many events til he reached his ultimate station.

There was conflict and much division resulting in frequent war.
David’s army usually won, the strength of his kingdom soared.
Ishbosheth, the Northern King was really quite a fool.
When he falsely accused his general, Abner changed the rules.

Abner, the Northern chief of staff, was about to unite the two nations.
He would deliver the tribes of the north in an act of dedication.
But as fate would have it, Abner died. Joab killed him to get even.
Joab was a great fighting man, but he wasn’t a man to believe in.

Meanwhile in the Northern kingdom, Ishbosheth lost control.
Two of Abner’s well-known captains played a prominent role.
Rechab and Baanah entered his bedroom, killed him and cut off his head
Then they brought it to King David to prove that he was dead.

But David was an honest man. He didn’t reward a traitor.
The king had proven time and again that he was a treachery hater.
Instead of being rewarded these captains experienced death.
Ironically they woke up in hell along with Ishbosheth.

I appreciate the integrity David brought to his throne.
Let us applaud his honesty and adopt it as our own.
David had his failures too. He wasn’t a perfect guy.
But let us remember well, dear friend, neither are you or I.

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