Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sin Has Consequences

1 Kings 14

After the prophet came to the North to share the Word of the Lord,
Jeroboam continued in sin; God’s warning was sadly ignored.
The king appointed many priests who were evil with no worth.
Now his throne would be removed from the face of the earth.

About that time his son became ill and the King said to his queen.
“Go to Shiloh and speak with Ahijah, the one who announced me as king.
Take some gifts and disguise yourself so he won’t know who you are.”
(The fact that he thought he could fool the Lord is really quite bazaar).

Ahijah was old and his sight was gone but he knew the voice of God.
So it was that he was informed about the elaborate façade.
When she arrived he called her by name and told her to listen well,
For he had received a word from God and had a message to tell.

“Remind the king I raised him up and gave to him this nation.
I tore it from the family of David and invited him to salvation.
He has committed more evil sin than all the kings before him.
This is why I declare today how deeply I abhor him.

The kingdom is given to someone else. There will be no monopolization.
His male heirs will surely die with others of his relation.
Their bodies will fall to be eaten by dogs, a feast for the birds of the air.
The evil he brought to My people has led them to sin and despair.

I declare these words are true for the moment you reach the city,
Your little boy will surely die and the people will mourn in pity.
You can consider his death a gift, for I’ve found in him some good.
None of the others followed God or chose to live as they should.”

Sure enough it happened that day just as the prophet said.
As soon as the queen entered the city her precious son fell dead.
In the book of Chronicles we learn of Jeroboam’s reign,
But here are some truths for us to apply throughout our life campaign.

First we remember who we serve and live for Him each day.
We give attention to His Word to keep from going astray.
When we hear a word of rebuke we listen with all of our heart.
We determine to put God first; from His precepts never depart.

Jeroboam failed his call because he lived by the flesh.
If we fail give God our all, there’s nothing important left.
Wise is the man who serves our Lord in truth and total devotion,
For unto him God has reserved a glorious eternal promotion.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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