Monday, May 10, 2010

Fathers, Correct Your Sons

2 Samuel 13-14

David had a number of wives and from them many sons,
But the favorite with all the people was his son, Absalom.
Impeccable manners, pleasing appearance, and his streaming long hair
Were three of the reasons he was most loved of all of David’s heirs.

Absalom’s sister, Tamar by name, was beautiful beyond compare.
Whenever she was out in public, all the young men were there.
One of those smitten with young love was Amnon, her half brother.
He was so in love with Tamar, he would have no other.

Actually his problem was lust but that will soon be seen.
Because his feelings went unchecked he acted out a scheme.
He said he was ill and sent for Tamar to be his caring nurse.
When she refused his immoral request, he committed an act perverse.

After he raped her in disgrace, his soul was flooded with shame.
The guilt was written all over his face. There was no one else to blame.
What he had done was a terrible thing forbidden by the Law.
The pampered, spoiled son of David revealed his character flaw.

He stole her virginity, refused her in marriage, and cruelly sent her away.
Absalom, who loved his sister, plotted his death from that day.
Two long years Absalom waited to effect his bitter plan.
Then he had his retaliation and slaughtered the sinful young man.

Absalom then fled to find refuge with his mother’s dad.
Three years later his heart mended, the king was no longer mad.
He missed Amnon but knew his act was a terrible sin.
He secretly longed for Absalom to return to his home and kin.

When Absalom actually did return the king refused to meet.
(He was afraid such an event would be viewed as weak).
It took two years and motivation to come before the king,
But when he bowed before his father, David forgave the thing.

I can think of several conclusions, all of them packed with truth.
David had far too many wives to properly raise their youth.
Having been raised in the privileged class with everything to them handed,
David’s sons did not respect the values the Law commanded.

Tamar was an innocent victim of a young man’s lust.
A Godly Father must teach his sons integrity and trust.
If you see your children sin but look the other way,
Just remember this, my friend: some innocent Tamar will pay.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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