Monday, May 3, 2010

Lord, Send us Leaders like David

2 Samuel 7-9

David lived in his new house, but the ark was in a tent.
To build a temple to honor the Lord was his initial intent.
The God of heaven spoke to Nathan with kind words for the king.
“I will establish your throne forever. Great blessings I will bring.”

“I chose you from your humble beginnings watching over sheep,
Anointed you to lead my people; kept you through trials deep.
I have given you fame and fortune equal to men of renown.
Your son will build a temple for me. He too will wear the crown.”

David went in before the Lord humbled by these words.
He praised Jehovah for choosing Israel to be His people preferred.
Only God could choose a nation, perform such awesome deeds.
It should be clear to all the world that God is God indeed.

David defeated all of his enemies just as God had said.
With each war the nation was strengthened and their oppressors dead.
But David was more than a man of war. He had a heart of compassion.
He demonstrated by his example that mercy was not out of fashion.

The king did not focus on pleasing self; he looked to the family of Saul.
Because of his love for Jonathan, he desired to bless them all.
He soon learned of Jonathan’s son whose name was Mephibosheth.
Quickly he brought this crippled man into his palace to bless.

All of his land was now restored with servants to plant the crops.
No longer was this man abhorred; the blessings would never stop.
David was a remarkable leader whose motives were strong and pure.
His were the values regularly found in those who are spiritually mature.

David was a man of war but also a man of prayer.
He unashamedly worshipped his Lord occasionally exhibiting flair.
This man so bold and confident, the killer of giants and kings,
Often wrote songs of praise to God that he would play and sing.

How great is the need for leaders like him to lead the church today—
Men who instruct and skillfully clear the fog of confusion away.
Lord, fill our pulpits with leaders strong like David for his nation.
Enable them to pass truth on and challenge the next generation.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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