Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Sad Chapter in David's Life

2 Samuel 11

When springtime came and it was time for war, David sent Joab to battle.
He attacked Ammon to even the score, take possession of the chattel.
I don’t know why David stayed home instead of leading the charge,
But while he remained in the palace alone, his kingship was badly marred.

On the eve of a stifling hot day, he went to the roof for relief.
He happened to see a woman bathing, beautiful beyond belief.
David should have turned away to deal with affairs of state
But when he took that second look, he sadly sealed his fate.

When it became known that she was pregnant, David sent for her spouse.
Uriah, ever the faithful soldier, refused to enter his house.
The king was caught in the web of sin. There was nothing left to try.
He sent Uriah back to the battle with orders to let him die.

This is a story, sad but true, of how a believer can sin.
David knew the right thing to do but temptation was able to win.
Not only did temptation conceive, Bathsheba conceived too.
Oh what pain so many received because the king was untrue!

Can you imagine his state of mind? He was miserable to the hilt.
Outwardly he seemed just fine but his heart was filled with guilt.
“My sin was always before me,” he wrote in Psalm 51.
Though sin may bring temporal pleasure, its effects have just begun.

There is more to this description, but here is one lesson true:
The way to avoid sin’s affliction is to find something else to do.
Many a person has trials to face, whose life is an uphill climb
Because he journeyed to the wrong place and stayed there too long a time.

David repented and that is good but the cost of sin was great.
When we allow transgression to rule, misery and pain we create.
The very best thing that you can do is turn away from sin.
Call unto God, renew your vows. Be cleansed and healed within.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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