Friday, May 21, 2010

The Early Days of Solomon's Reign

1 Kings 2-3

There was intrigue around Solomon’s throne. Nothing could be truer.
With wisdom that was not his own, he dispatched the evil doers.
Adonijah, who sought to be king, and Joab, the shameful traitor,
Knew exactly what treachery would bring; were sent to face their Creator.

Abiathar, who abandoned David while serving as a priest,
Was exiled to another land and from the priesthood released.
Shimei, who reviled David, was told never to leave his town.
But when he decided to disobey, he was caught and quickly struck down.

After the kingdom was totally stable with no more opponents there
Solomon worshipped with sacrifice and sought the Lord in prayer.
God appeared to him one night; speaking through a dream
Suggesting that the king request the desires his God could bring.

In gratitude the king responded asking to be wise.
He didn’t ask for silver or gold or any earthly prize.
He desired to rule the land with an upright, compassionate heart
This is why he was richly blessed, with distinction set apart.

An example of the wisdom God gave involved a little child.
A dispute arose between two women, neither meek nor mild.
Each had a baby but one of them died, which caused the switcheroo.
There was a need for the king to decide just what each one should do.

The king told a servant to hold high the baby both women adored.
Then he stunningly gave the command to divide it in half with a sword.
One of the women shouted out, “Stop! Give it to the other.”
Her heartfelt plea without a doubt revealed she was the mother.

Over and over the wisdom God gave was discovered in each situation.
The hand of God was clearly revealed in his daily administration.
Because the king requested from God wisdom and grace to rule,
He was given along with wisdom riches and honor too.

We too can serve our Lord with grace displayed in the course of our life.
We can shine in our dark time by the absence of sin and strife.
Jesus said, “Let your light shine so God will be shown to be great.”
O what joy and fulfillment we find as we journey to heaven’s gates.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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  1. I love your poems! I've only read a few so far, and I can't wait to read some more. Thanks so much for posting them. You are very talented. God bless you!

    Jennifer O'Connor