Sunday, May 9, 2010

When I Think of Motherhood

Mother's Day, 2010

When I think of motherhood, I think of special love
That washed our clothes, prepared our meals and other things thereof.
I think of how she kissed our hurts and wiped the tears away.
Then the Mom psychologist sent us forth to play.

When I think of motherhood, I think of her devotion.
Her children’s giggles and happiness fuel her heart’s emotion.
She who formed a bathroom towel into Superman’s cloak
Provided many hours of joy with her inventive strokes.

When I think of motherhood, I think of sacrifice.
Seldom did she buy herself something pretty and nice.
Along with Dad she skimped and saved for our dream vacation
To take the boys to Disneyland in that California location.

When I think of motherhood, I think of Godly devotion.
How she had her daily prayer in the midst of all the commotion.
I think of how the clothes were washed in Sunday preparation
To take the kids to Sunday school for spiritual formation.

When I think of motherhood, I think of fierce protection
Filling us with vitamins to fight off colds and infection.
She wasn’t too excited about hunter safety class.
It reminded her how quickly the childhood years had passed.

I live with one of those great moms, who now is known as Nanny.
She loves to visit her grandchildren way up north in Montany.
She throws a blanket over the chairs to make a cave of sorts.
She paints her face, gives a war whoop; pursues them into their fort.

Yes motherhood is very special created by God you see.
Her sacrificial love for us is a truth upon which we agree.
We honor our moms on this special day. I trust it will bring them joy,
For mother gave us memories that nothing can ever destroy.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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