Friday, May 28, 2010

Three Southern Kings

1 Kings 15

We have observed the Northern king whose life was a poor example.
Now we will see the Southern king whose record is more than ample.
Rehoboam, Solomon’s son, reigned for seventeen years.
He departed from the truths his grandfather David held dear.

The nation did evil during his reign stirring God’s jealousy.
Judah embraced without horror or shame all forms of idolatry.
With sacred stones and Asherah poles on every high hill you see,
The prostitutes plied their evil trade under each spreading tree.

It should not come as a total shock that idolatrous sin condemns.
That is why there was an attack upon Jerusalem.
The king of Egypt stripped the temple of its shields of gold.
Over and over we see in scripture just how this pattern unfolds.

Additional deeds of Rehoboam are found in other books,
But the failure of his life remind of sin’s strong hook.
After his death Abijah, his son, ascended to Judah’s throne.
He continued in the same ways that he had always known.

All through the years of Rehoboam and also Abijah his son,
There was war with the northern kingdom never decisively won.
Abijah died within three years as Jeroboam celebrated twenty.
Then when Asa became the king, the changes were strong and plenty.

We pause to share an interesting fact, one to appreciate:
Judah experienced nineteen kings and the good ones numbered eight.
Four of these kings brought strong reform and God’s will was done.
Asa, the great, great grandson of David, was the very first one.

None of the evil shrines were spared including his own grandmother’s,
For Asa was devoted to the true God, unlike all the others.
In the second year of Asa’s rule, Jeroboam expired.
God brought Asa safely through the challenges that transpired.

In his lifetime of serving God, he reigned for forty-one years.
Judah enjoyed a period of rest defeating attacks and fears.
God exalts a righteous nation; the wicked will surely fall.
Blessed are those who honor God, who choose to give Him their all.

I pray our nation will not repeat the mistakes of the kings above.
Let us pray for a modern-day Asa and serve our Lord with love.
Let us forsake the pathway of sin and walk the path that is right.
Let us serve our Lord each day with heart and soul and might.

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