Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Middle Years of Solomon's Reign

I Kings 4-11

Solomon did well the first twenty years walking close to God.
He spent thirteen building his palace moving rock and sod.
Seven more he toiled on the temple building a holy place.
These twenty years he followed the Lord always seeking His face.

When the temple was completed the elders were summoned to town.
The priests brought the ark into the temple where they put it down.
When the ark was carefully placed, God’s cloud of glory descended.
His presence so filled the Holy Place, their ministry was suspended.

Sheep and cattle were sacrificed—more than one could count—
Each a type of the Lord Jesus Christ who would some day die on this mount.
Solomon knelt before the altar his hands raised high in the air.
There he thanked the Lord above for His faithfulness and His care.

For fourteen days the people rejoiced in the temple dedication.
It symbolized the presence of God among His special nation.
They blessed the king and headed home joyful and glad in heart.
They knew the temple would unify and keep them from growing apart.

Shortly thereafter in chapter nine, God came a second time.
He spoke of His consuming desire to bless the king sublime.
If Solomon continued to walk before Him with integrity of heart,
His throne would be established forever; God’s presence would never depart.

There also came a word of warning about Solomon’s life each day.
The blessings would remain so long as in His presence he stayed.
If he or his sons should turn away another God to serve,
He would reject this holy temple and give them what they deserve.

I wish I could tell you that all went well but that would corrupt the account,
For Solomon’s many pagan wives brought idolatry to the mount.
Even thought the Queen of Sheba was amazed by his wise rule,
Solomon failed to walk with God and played the part of the fool.

God gave Solomon opposition seeking to get his attention.
Still today trials may come to remind us of our redemption.
God did not save us to watch us sin and throw our life away.
We must hide His word within and seek His face each day.

So let us not fail as Solomon did departing from God’s best.
Let us stay true and faithful to Him, passing every test.
Let us equip our children now with a sense of right and wrong.
Let us center our life on Christ and strive to finish strong.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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