Tuesday, June 1, 2010

God is Faithful to His Children

1 Kings 17

Ahab did more to provoke the Lord than all the kings before him.
Worshipping Baal and Asherah is a form of spiritual whoredom.
When wickedness rules, judgment follows. That’s why Elijah proclaimed,
“As the Lord God of Israel lives, there will be no dew or rain.”

When Elijah prophesied judgment for sin, it really made Jezebel mad.
He knew if Ahab caught up with him, their intentions were only bad.
But God said to Elijah, “I’ve got a plan: head to the Kerith Ravine.
There you will find a cool bubbly brook in a place where you’ll be unseen.”

So Elijah rested by the brook. He was fed both morning and night.
The ravens brought him bread and meat while he stayed out of sight.
After a while the brook dried up. God said it was time to go.
“Go to the village of Zarephath to the home of a poor widow.

Elijah must have wondered why God sent him to someone poor.
It was hard enough to live. How would this help him endure?
He found the widow in the town and asked for a drink and bread.
She said, “We’re eating a final meal today and then we will be dead.”

The God of Israel intervened and spoke through the Prophet Eli.
“Do what he says, the flour will last, and the oil will not run dry.”
The widow obeyed the Lord’s command; there was food for them every day.
Through copious provision of flour and oil, His faithfulness He displayed.

Now lest you fear a future unknown, I want you to relax.
God is faithful to His own; put away that panic attack.
If you follow Him today; commit to the truths in His book,
He will lead you down the path to a cool and hidden brook.

Each test you face is a step of faith, a time to learn to trust.
You will make it by God’s grace, for He is kind and just.
Don’t gauge God’s love by difficult times experienced here on earth.
When He died upon the cross, Christ demonstrated your worth.

So place your trust in God above; consider Elijah’s example.
You will experience His great love, receive His provision ample.
It isn’t a case where God hears none but just a chosen few.
If you’ve received Him as your Lord, you are included too.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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