Thursday, February 18, 2010

The First Oracle of Balaam

Numbers 22:36-23:12

Balak travelled to meet this one who would deliver Israel’s curse.
He wanted God’s people to be killed or some other effect perverse.
Baalam said to the worried king, “I’m here in response to your plea
But please remember this one thing: I say only what God gives me.”

Balak took him to Baal’s altars and there they sacrificed.
Seven bulls and seven rams paid the ultimate price.
Then Balaam left for a tall, bare hill seeking the Lord to meet.
Afterwards he reported to Balak the words he heard God speak.

“Balak, you showed me Israel’s tribes, asked for a curse upon them,
But I cannot curse what God has not cursed, nor can my words condemn.
You wanted me to proclaim their doom, to curse your problem away,
But judging by His blessing on them, they have come to stay.

I see them from the mountain top and I watch them from high hills.
From all other nations set apart; their devotion gives me chills.
More numerous than a cloud of dust, I view them camped below.
I cannot utter a curse unjust. These are the facts I know.

A compelling thought came to me as I listened to their God speak.
I should bow on bended knee. His favor I should seek.
I know there is yet a day to come when I take my dying breath.
I want to die like Israel does—with hope—at the time of death.”

“Now Balak you say, ‘What have you done? I paid for an evil curse.’
But I can say only what God has said when on the hill we conversed.
God is greater than either of us. He is the One in charge.
Israel’s God is awesome in scope. I hold Him in highest regard. ”

That was just the opening act. There was more to come.
Balak desperately tried again to avoid his future glum.
This is a reminder to all of us, an important fact to tell.
The God of Israel is in charge. Only He can save from hell.

Have you given your life to Him? Have you responded to His call?
Have you placed your trust in Christ, decided to give Him your all?
Open the Bible; read John 3:16. Respond to this wonderful verse.
You will receive eternal life and death can no longer curse.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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