Sunday, February 14, 2010

What If? A Valentine Day Thought

What If?
Romans 5:8

This is the day we celebrate love
With flowers, cards and gifts.
But if it were not for God above,
Your life would be full of “what ifs.”

What if you hadn’t gone to a church
Where you heard the gospel preached?
You may have conducted a life-time search
And possibly never been reached.

What if your parents weren’t believers
Who told you about the Savior?
You would never have been a receiver
Of the One who guides our behavior.

What if you hadn’t lived in this land
Where there’s freedom to assemble?
You could have lived in tyranny
Where citizens fear and tremble.

What if Jesus hadn’t died
To pay the price of your sin?
Even though you tried and tried,
You couldn’t be changed within.

What if God was about getting even
Instead of consuming love?
There would be no grace to believe in,
No salvation from above.

O how I love my valentine!
She made my life complete.
But without the Spirit as my guide,
It would be filled with sin and defeat.

So as you think about Valentine’s Day
With its message of enduring love,
Please remember how Jesus paid
For your sins with His cleansing blood.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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