Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Destructive Power of Idolatry

Numbers 25

When Israel was camped on Moab’s plains
Temptation was very great.
Satan combined religion and sex
Enticing fools to their fate.

The allure of sex with Moabite women
Drew the hearts of Israeli men.
If God had allowed such sin to continue
Redemption would never have been.

The offending men were identified
And sentenced to immediate death.
Throngs of people wept in remorse
As they flocked to the Meeting Tent.

But in the midst of this public repentance
We see a defiant fact.
An Israeli man took a Midianite woman
To continue this immoral act.

Phineas, the noble grandson of Aaron,
Plunged into the tent without fear.
In righteous zeal he killed the offenders
Piercing them with his spear.

This final action satisfied God,
But the plague had already come.
Judgment for sin killed many of them—
Twenty-four thousand was the sum.

When something matters more than God,
We call it idolatry by name.
When His people practice such,
They do so to their shame.

God has called us a holy nation,
A people set apart.
We are not to allow anything else
To take first place in our heart.

Houses, land, cars or money—
They’re not the objects of our love.
Our faithful, loyal, supreme devotion
Is reserved for our Lord above.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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