Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Prepare for War

Joshua One

Imagine the morning Joshua woke up knowing Moses was dead.
He heard these words from God above as he served as Israel’s new head.
“Arise, take Israel across the river into the Promised Land.
As far as you can see or walk has been given as I’ve planned.

To conquer the land you will battle; I’ll be with you every day.
Take courage and possess this land, for here is where you stay.
Here’s some advice to help you succeed: ‘Revere the Book of the Law.
Do not turn to the left or right, but meditate on it all.’

Be sure you follow all the truths Moses has written down.
Then your work shall prosper; your success shall be renowned.”
So Joshua sent forth his high commanders into the camp to say,
“Prepare to invade the Promised Land. We cross over in just three days.”

Joshua said to Reuben and Gad and half of Manasseh’s tribe:
“Your land is here east of the Jordan and this is where you’ll reside.
Now as we cross to conquer the nations by God’s glorious might,
I expect your strong and able men to join us in the fight.

Your wives and children remain behind, but you shall go to war.
Bring your weapons and a strong heart, for fighting is in store.”
The men responded, “This we will do. You just give the order.
We are willing and ready indeed to cross over the Jordan border.”

And so we conclude Joshua One knowing the tribes are ready.
We see how Joshua obeyed the Lord remaining calm and steady.
The warfare continues to this day in a spiritual sense,
We employ prayer and God’s strong Word to break down evil’s defense.

Just as Joshua was strong and courageous, so we must be each day.
These very same words that God gave him are given to us today.
Whatever your battle, whatever your fight, God is at your side.
Let His Word encourage your heart and its light* to be your guide.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

* Psalm 119:105

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