Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sin in the Camp

Exodus 24-32

Moses went up to the mountains to receive the tablets of stone.
He was away for forty days as he met with God alone.
There’s not space sufficient here to tell the entire story,
But there upon the mountain, God revealed His glory.

From chapters 25 to 30, we see the tabernacle blueprint.
By the power of the Spirit the craftsmen would know how to do it.
Now Moses was gone many days and Israel thought he was dead.
Naturally they wondered aloud how they would now be led.

When confronted with this problem, Aaron gave bad advice.
He thought perhaps a golden calf would be very nice.
All the people gave him gold from their wives’ ear rings.
Then the craftsmen went to work creating this calf-like thing.

They built an altar before the calf and declared a new feast day.
They sacrificed offerings, drank some wine and then rose up to play.
God looked down and saw them stray from His instructed path.
He told Moses to stand aside as He poured out righteous wrath.

Moses pleaded with God that day to stay His mighty hand
Reminding the Lord of His promises to the patriarch, Abraham.
God was pleased with his desire to pray and intercede;
He held back His righteous fire responding to Moses’ plea.

When Moses came down and saw the calf and all the people dancing,
He saw Egypt’s wicked past as he observed their sensual prancing.
Aaron saw his fiery eyes and said, “The people made me do it.
I just took the gold they gave and into the fire I threw it.”

By this time the camp was wild, the people out of control.
Moses called for the Levites to form a police patrol.
With intent to stop this sin, their swords strapped to their side,
They struck all who would not relent until three thousand died.

When there is sin in the camp, there is also death and destruction
The light is dim in the spiritual lamp when we fail to heed instruction.
Then when Satan’s work is done, many hearts will break
Oh how foolish is the one who listens to that snake!

Have you allowed sin in your camp and now you feel its pain?
Do you feel overwhelmed with guilt experiencing the awful shame?
There is a way to win over sin and regain the Father’s favor.
Forsake your sin, be cleansed within; draw close to your loving Savior.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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