Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Sin Solution

Numbers 21

There to the north was the Promised Land,
A land of milk and honey.
The time to possess it was near at hand,
But the challenges still were many.

Israel desired to pass through Edom
Avoiding all their towns.
But their request Edom refused,
So they had to go clear around.

Another long march created strife
As resentment began to build.
Israel longed for an easier life,
And their desires were unfulfilled.

Amidst the toil and the grime
The people lost their head.
Accusing their God one more time;
Reviling His daily bread.

The anger of the LORD was stirred;
He sent serpents among the tribes.
Everywhere that this occurred
Many from Israel died.

The people then acknowledged their sin
Entreating Moses to pray.
God compassionately listened to him
And gave him the words to say.

Moses cast a bronze of the snake
And placed it upon a pole.
Those who were bitten, their lives at stake,
Looked up to be made whole.

Perhaps you wonder what this means
When they suffered such terrible loss.
It reminds us of another scene
When sinners looked up at the cross.

The cross of Jesus lifted up
Is a beacon of hope you see,
For Jesus accepted the suffering cup
Winning redemption for you and me.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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