Monday, February 22, 2010

Moses’ Final Duties

Numbers 27:12-22; 30:1-12

Israel had come to the Promised Land;
Indeed they were on the border.
For forty years Moses had led
Providing stability and order.

God told Moses to climb the mountain,
Survey the Promised Land.
Then be gathered to his people,
For that was the Father’s plan.

Moses appealed to the Lord
To appoint a person to lead,
For Israel must have a guiding shepherd
In order for them to succeed.

God chose Joshua, the son of Nun,
A man who was full of the Spirit.
Moses was to authorize him
Announcing so all could hear it.

Joshua was called before the assembly,
Eleazor was at his side.
Moses laid his hands on him;
His appointment could not be denied.

From this day forth and through the years,
Joshua would lead the nation.
His orders were to possess the land
And guide this new generation.

Before Moses left to climb the mountain,
God dealt with Midian and Baalam,
For Baalam had tried to curse the tribes
But his sorcery clearly failed him.

One thousand soldiers from each of the tribes
Entered the field of battle.
On that day they killed five kings,
Captured the people and cattle.

That was the day that Baalam died,
The man who had heard God’s voice.
Because of his love for money and sin,
He failed to make the right choice.

How about you, my dear friend?
Have you carefully considered your fate?
You need to heed God’s loving call
And make your pathway straight.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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