Thursday, February 11, 2010

Don't Fail to Enter the Promised Land

Numbers 13

The Lord said to Moses, “Spy out the land.
Tell each tribe to send their best man.
Check out the mountains and southern plains,
See how the cities and towns are arranged.

Examine the land where the crops take root,
Bring back some samples of their fruit.
See if the peoples are many or few,
For this the land I’ve given to you.

They spied out the cities on the south,
Put luscious grapes into their mouth,
Brought to Moses pomegranates and figs
That startled the crowd, they were so big.

They reported to leaders of each tribe
Of cities and blessings too rich to describe.
But “The people are many and very strong,
Ten of us think to attack would be wrong.”

Then Caleb stood before these men;
Tried to talk some sense to them.
“Let us go up and take this land.
We’re able to do it by God’s mighty hand.”

But the ten replied, “Can’t you see,
The people there are bigger than we.
We saw great giants in the land
Who could easily kill our very best man.

The people moaned and complained all night,
We can’t go up there and win the fight.”
Then they cried in one accord,
“Did God bring us here to die by the sword?”

God told Moses, “Stand back if you please,
For I’m going to smite them with disease.”
And if it were not for their leader’s plea,
They would have become desert debris.

There is a truth here for all to accept.
God’s plan and purpose we must not reject.
At death we may go to eternal rest, but
On earth we’ll wander the wilderness.

So if you’re travelling “Nowhere Road,”
You’ve got to forsake your rebellious mode.
You need to reach up to take His hand
And march into the Promised Land.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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