Sunday, February 7, 2010

The God Who Meets Your Need

Genesis 17
Have you thought just how it would be
If you were among those who crossed the Red Sea?
If you experienced such a miracle of power
Wouldn’t you praise God as your Strong Tower?

Well, that’s exactly how Israel felt
As they sensed their fear and misery melt.
They lifted their voices, a mighty throng,
Praising their God with a joyful song.

After their initial, trusting glow,
Moses sensed it was time to go.
Just three days in the Desert of Sin
Betrayed the fear and doubt within.

The first test failed was the test of food.
Three days of hunger sullied their mood.
They grumbled remembering Egypt’s meat
Accusing their leader of spiritual deceit.

Moses questioned what he should do.
God said, “I will provide manna for you.”
At dawn they found sweet bread all around
And quail at night as the sun went down.

So now they had both bread and meat,
More than enough for all to eat.
For forty years the manna sustained them
Until the day they went back to Canaan.

Now here is the lesson for all of us.
God will provide if we will but trust.
Let us adopt the Philippians’ creed:
“Our God will supply all of our needs.”

Our walk with God includes such tests,
For all must learn His ways are best.
He, who has saved you by His grace,
Is asking you now to trust Him by faith.

There is no need that He doesn’t know.
There is no gift He cannot bestow.
There is no limit to His sweet grace,
So press on, dear friend, in your walk of faith.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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