Friday, February 19, 2010

Balaam’s Additional Prophecies

Numbers 23:13-24:25

Balak sought a curse on Jacob, but God spoke only blessing.
It became very clear to him his plan was not progressing.
He thought perhaps a change of location would the project suffice,
So he took Baalam to Mt. Pisgah with another great sacrifice.

Now Balaam showed his spiritual failure by going along with this scheme.
Though he should have walked away, his money love was extreme.
He walked a distance from Balak’s altar and listened to hear God speak.
Then he returned to the king and said, “Here is the word you seek.”

“God is not like a man who lies and always needs to repent.
When He says, ‘This I will do,’ He does just as He meant.
Now here is a nation that you hate and you have tried to curse it,
But God’s love will never abate; there’s no way to reverse it.

No sorcery or divination against this people will stand,
For they are led and guided by Jehovah’s mighty hand.
Like a lion it has arisen and invading like a flood,
It will devour the men of Moab licking up their blood.”

Balaak decided to try once more, for his future was looking grim.
When Baalam gazed from atop Mt. Peor, the Spirit visited him.
He saw a vision as he bowed down, his eyes remaining open,
But he didn’t receive the condemning curse for which Balaak was hoping.

“How beautiful are your tents, O Jacob. How lovely are your homes!
The waters flow through wondrous gardens in this land you own.
Like a lion fierce in battle, Israel crushes her foes.
Blessed are those who bless her, but to those who curse her, woe”

Balak was filled with raging wrath commanding Balaam to leave.
The future of Moab was not good. This he clearly perceived.
Balaam gave but one more word telling what he had seen.
God had given Israel this land. They inherited everything.

After this word Balaam went home but do not make him a saint.
A true believer Balaam was not. He loved money without restraint.
Three times he accompanied Balak the King to utter a vicious curse.
He was willing to harm God’s people if it would fill his purse.

Soon we will see in another chapter that Balaam suffers his fate.
Even with all that he had experienced, he never put his life straight.
Let us reject the way of Baalam and conquer the love of money.
Let us faithfully follow our Lord to the Land of Milk and Honey.

Copyright 2010 Gorge M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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