Thursday, February 4, 2010

Safe in God's Mighty Hands

Exodus 13-14

Many times we don't understand why God leads the way He does.
Such was the case with Israel as He led them from above.
God knew if faced by a Philistine attack, the Israelis would surely fold,
So He took them southeast across the desert instead of the Philistine road.

When the King heard about their flight, he promptly changed his mind.
They didn't have Israel day and night to bear the daily grind.
So Pharaoh gathered six hundred chariots and all of his army men.
His intention was to recapture the slaves and bring them back again.

When Israel saw the army approach, they were seized with terrible fear.
They grumbled at Moses with these words: “Why did you bring us here?
Didn't we tell you before we left it would be best to remain as slaves?
Did you lead us into the wilderness to leave us here in our graves?”

The Red Sea lay before them now. There was no place no place to ford.
Moses said, “Stand firm my friends. Observe the hand of the Lord.”
As Moses stretched his hand oer the sea, the waters stood up in a pile.
Israel walked the path with ease while Pharaoh trailed by miles.

When the last person walked the path, the waters fell back as before.
The Egyptian army perished there. Not one came alive to the shore.
On that day all Israel rejoiced for the deliverance from God above.
O that more would heed His voice and trust His unfailing love!

Now let's review the events so far from the time that Moses was called.
When he saw the treatment of his brothers, his spirit was appalled.
In the desert he was transformed into a humble man.
Only then could he be used to carry out God's great plan.

What about you? Are you humble? Have you learned the flesh is weak?
When trials and challenges come to you, is it God's will you seek?
If you will trust and then obey, be quick to heed His commands;
He will keep you until that Day safe in His mighty hands.

© Copyright George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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