Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Parade of Plagues

Exodus 8-9

Moses and Aaron told the Pharaoh about the Lord’s demand.
Miracles, signs and wonders happened at Aaron’s command.
First there was the Nile situation where water turned blood red.
What followed next was a frog invasion—even in their beds.

The third in the list of plagues God sent was a flood of terrible lice.
For their rejection of the Lord, the Egyptians must pay the price.
Though they tried, the magicians failed to perform like Aaron’s rod.
Therefore they told their angry king: “This is the hand of God.”

After Pharaoh rejected their plea indifferent to their cry,
Aaron again set forth the decree and the Lord sent swarms of flies.
Soon flies were gathering everywhere; nothing could stop their notion
Except of course where Israel lived—deep in the land of Goshen.

After that plague and another rejection, their livestock began to die.
All of Egypt suffered judgment falling from on high.
Pharaoh’s heart, so stubborn and hard, was evil to the core.
As he continued to show no regard, his people were stricken with sores.

Six plagues had befallen to warn the king but all to no avail,
So the seventh plague God would bring was terrible, destructive hail.
There rained from heaven hail with fire unleashing awesome destruction.
Half of the crops were sacrificed because they rejected instruction.

After that the eighth plague came, an invasion of locusts severe.
The advisers to the Pharaoh said, “Get Israel out of here.”
The locusts covered the face of the earth and couldn't be restrained.
They ate every herb and leafy tree til no green plant remained.

But even this the Pharaoh endured because of his stubborn heart.
And so the ninth plague followed sure with Egypt going dark.
And so it was for three full days with darkness thick as fog,
Yet still the Pharaoh named conditions before they could worship God.

When it was time for the final plague, they warned with bated breath.
If Pharaoh failed to heed the Lord, the first born would suffer death.
Moses spoke to Israel declaring the plague would come like a flood,
Instructing God's people to paint their door with sacrificial blood.

That's what happened on that day as the angel of death did fly.
The firstborn males of man and flock suddenly fell down and died.
A mighty moan of pain and sorrow was heard throughout the land.
How foolish it is to resist the Lord to follow the ways of man.

© Copyright 2009 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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