Friday, August 12, 2016

John 9 - Part 2: The Pharisees Rebuke the Blind Man

He who was blind now could see because of Christ’s love for man.
Healing the sick in His ministry was a part of His master plan.
God became man clothed in flesh to rescue humanity
From the effects of sin and death and eternal calamity.

The Pharisees didn’t like the fact the man was healed on the Sabbath;
These hypocrites felt such a kindhearted act to be a very bad habit.
Once again when they should have been silent holding God in awe,
They criticized His miracle and hid behind the law.

Dissatisfied by the blind man’s report they called his parents aside.
“Is this your son who says he was healed? We think he may have lied.”
His parents replied he was their son, his healing couldn’t be explained.
Fearful of a synagogue shun, from comments they refrained.

Once again they called the fellow who was formerly blind
Seeking to discover a fault, the character of Christ malign.
“You should be giving God the glory; that Jesus is sinful indeed.”
To which he replied, “I used to be blind, but now I clearly see.”

As the text states, their minds made up, Christ they would not believe.
Anyone else they could not persuade were those they would not receive.
The pressure was on. It’s conform or else. Obey and do not dispute.
Coercion remains the devil’s tool, intimidation absolute.

This healed man who would not conform was viciously criticized.
 Disparaged, dishonored, and debased, he found himself victimized.
Have you noticed this practice today is still very much alive?
Whether education or politics, such actions continue to thrive.

If God has made you a trophy of grace and you dare to live for Christ,
No matter what your status has been, you will be sacrificed.
The opponents of truth and godliness fear exposure to the light.
If you shine the gospel light on them, you better expect a fight.

Rather than praise our God of love for sending a savior who healed,
They closed their eyes and ears and hearts to the Christ revealed.
Let us not fall in love today with our comfortable church tradition
And miss the message of God’s Word about our perilous condition.

A day is appointed when all will face God in a very personal meeting.
It won’t be a time when sinners get by with blaming, lying, and cheating.
Unbelievers will be judged for every word and deed and act;
It’s too late for forgiveness then, and that is a scriptural fact.

True believers will be judged for the way they lived their life.
Did they earnestly serve the Lord or major in church strife?
Without a doubt these facts are true and everyone should heed them.
The Word of God was written for you; a wise man knows he needs them.

© Copyright 2016 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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