Tuesday, August 30, 2016

John 13: Jesus Washes the Feet of His Disciples

The night of His betrayal had come; Judas had been corrupted.
Jesus was in the Upper Room with disciples uninterrupted.
Knowing He would soon depart, He sought to prepare His friends
Loving, serving, and caring for them to the very end.

Though he knows what Judas will do, He shows him no hostility.
Instead He washes all their feet to demonstrate humility.
Here is Jesus, the Son of God, wrapped in the flesh of man
Washing the feet of the ones He loved with servant heart and hand.

Peter impulsively blurted out, “Lord, you must not wash my feet!”
But there were instructions in this act, lessons we need to repeat.
The first is about humility and love, for He who is great is small.
The second is the cleansing of Christ, the greatest lesson of all.

Peter may seem hasty here, but he was one who quickly learned.
Upon hearing our Lord’s words, his heart immediately turned.
“Wash me all over,” Peter said, “I want to be totally clean.”
This is what salvation does when faith and trust convene.

What do I mean when I write a phrase like the one above?
Our only hope of salvation comes through our God of love.
All of our deeds are as filthy rags compared to God’s perfection.
Our sincere effort and very best deeds are worthy of rejection.

Having established there is no way to earn our way to glory,
It is now time to humble ourselves; examine the gospel story.
We learn how deeply God loved man, standing condemned by his sin;
That Jesus became our salvation plan that we might live with Him.

Having paid the ultimate price to satisfy God’s perfection,
He gave the Bible and gospel advice to lead us to reflection.
Only the fool says, “There is no God,” and pushes salvation away.
Even a simpleton understands there is an accounting day.

So here is the essence of the message that our savior was teaching.
It isn’t only the words you say that form your strongest preaching.
No servant is greater than his master or an ambassador his king.
If you want to avoid disaster, follow Jesus in everything.

Do what is right and you will be blessed; if you don’t you won’t be.
Follow the Lord in love and deed. Walk with humility.
Let the washing of God’s Word cleanse your soul each day;
This is how joy and peace and love come within to stay.

© Copyright 2016 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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