Wednesday, August 10, 2016

John 8: The Woman Caught in Adultery

Here is an account from the Gospel of John containing a message true.
The wise will discern its application; take time to think it through.
Jesus was teaching on temple grounds, crowds were flocking to hear
When Pharisees threw down an adulterous woman trembling in fear.

They placed the woman before the Lord, said she was caught in the act.
“Moses said she ought to be stoned. Isn’t that a fact?”
(John pauses here to make it clear this action was a test
Intending to stifle approval of Him, His influence to arrest.)

The Pharisees would surely demand she die under a pile of stones,
For such a sinner cannot be allowed to return to her sin-filled home.
Others would plead for mercy, not thinking she should die.
It was a trap to summon discord, His influence disqualify.

Jesus stooped low and slowly began writing in the sand.
Perhaps those nearby could see the words written by His hand.
Jesus said in a sorrowful tone, “He without sin, cast the first stone.”
Then he began to write again, and the Pharisees headed for home.

We have no idea what He wrote, but they were struck within.
Perhaps he began to write a list of their own besetting sins.
Perhaps he revealed the innermost thoughts running through their mind;
This we know without a doubt: we all sin countless times.

Here in the text is what we find: their conscience afflicted their soul.
They had to admit within their mind they too were out of control.
Jesus was left with a wilting lady her head bowed down in shame
Degraded by evil, character shady, dishonored and tarnished in name.

“I see no accusers,” Jesus said, “of the sins you must account for?”
“Neither do I condemn you, daughter. Now go and sin no more.”
This sullied woman, debased by sin, and guilty as could be,
Left the Savior cleansed within, forgiven and spiritually free.

Now here is a truth behind this account, a fact we all should learn.
We all must place our trust in Christ: salvation cannot be earned.
Whether we judge like the Pharisee or look the other way,
We too have lived quite sinfully, will account for it some day.

Would you face God in your own righteousness? If so, you are a fool.
You would have to be sinless like our Lord, and that you cannot do.
This is why Jesus entered this world: to pay sin’s price on the cross.
We’re saved by Perfection enveloped in flesh from sure eternal loss.

© Copyright 2016 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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