Wednesday, August 3, 2016

John 2: The Miracle of Water into Wine

There was a wedding in Galilee and Jesus was invited.
When the host ran out of wine Mary became excited.
Mary told Jesus, “They have no wine, something must be done.”
Jesus replied, “Mother not now, My hour has not yet come.”

But like all mothers who love their sons, Mary was undeterred.
She gathered the servants all around and told them how to serve.
Whatever He tells you, that you will do; trust in what I say
You can believe in what He commands: There will be wine today.

Sitting nearby were six big pots, each of them holding a lot.
Jesus said to fill them with water all the way to the top.
The Bible doesn’t tell us how the water turned into wine,
But the pots contained enough to serve all the guests who dined.

When the master tasted this wine served by the faithful waiter,
He was astounded because they saved the very best wine for later.
This is no secret to all who know God, our glorious Creator:
When you compare His work to man’s, His will always be greater.

In the same way God sent the Law to reveal to man His sin,
But hard as he tries man is not able to conquer his sin within.
After a time grace was given to do what the law could not.
Through Christ’s death upon the cross salvation was fully wrought.

This is how Jesus began his mission to benefit all mankind.
His miracles and words of life the Bible clearly outlines.
You would be wise to pay attention to truths our God has given
Accredited by His death on the cross and the fact that He has risen.

There is a way man thinks is right, but in the end it deceives him.
He lives his life devoid of peace while hell waits to receive him.
God doesn’t want you to die in vain and face such eternal loss.
Jesus arrived with this chief aim: to die for your sin on the cross.

What will you do with this loving God? Will you open your heart?
Will you believe the Savior’s word, your life to Him impart?
He will transform you, make you whole, give you a reason to live
Superior to any mission or vision this fallen world can give.

© Copyright 2016 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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