Tuesday, August 9, 2016

John 6: Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand

Six months after the lame man was healed quite a lot had ensued.
Jesus was teaching everywhere surrounded by multitudes.
Herod Antipas martyred the Baptist, the disciples had preached around;
He desired a time for solitude away from the crowds and sound.

Jesus crossed the Galilee Sea to a lonely remote location
To prepare His disciples adequately for their soon-to-be vocation.
But even there on the mountainside they saw a crowd drawing near.
Observing the crowd He surmised, “We will need to feed them here?

The problem wasn’t too big for Him; a faith lesson He envisioned.
By trusting God in trials grim, a believer receives his provision.
It was clear the approaching crowd would number in the thousands;
There was no town with ample stores for people to shop and browse in.

“How shall we buy them bread to eat way out here in seclusion?”
The Lord’s disciples could not think of a satisfactory solution.
I don’t know if Jesus taught them first or if night shadows were falling,
But whenever it was Jesus knew hunger pangs were calling.

Now Andrew noted a young lad who had brought along his lunch,
But five little loves and two smoked fish were not enough for this bunch.
Jesus decided to use this time to teach them all about faith.
He had the disciples divide into groups, each with a smaller space.

The people sat down on the lush green grass and Jesus took the bread.
He held it up before the Father, and this is what He said,
“Heavenly Father, omnipotent God, we thank you for this food.
Multiply it sufficient for all and your blessings please include.”

He broke the bread and gave a portion, told them to do the same.
The disciple broke and gave to others; the same-size portion remained.
They continued with the two little fish; incredibly it happened again.
Breaking the food, the portions remained the same as they had been.

After all the people had eaten they gathered up what remained.
Then they counted all they had served, a number to ascertain.
Astoundingly they fed five thousand: man and woman and child;
And twelve more baskets of leftover food were easily compiled.

The people then remembered the words that Moses had predicted.
This is the One that God will send to care for the poor and afflicted.”
Their appetite sated the people would rest, reluctant to leave that place,
But Jesus had more to say and do before the cross He would face.

He sent the disciples on the boat; He remained alone to pray
To receive strength and grace from God as He communed each day.
We could benefit from this example, living in constant communion;
Serving in His power and love ‘til we ascend to that great reunion.

© Copyright 2016 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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