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John 1:29-34: The Significance of the Savior’s Baptism

John 1:29-34: The Significance of the Savior’s Baptism

It happened in Bethany the very next day. John was preaching repentance
Declaring how sin’s prohibitive stain denied a heavenly entrance.
Scores and hundreds standing there were moved by his conviction,
Next to the Jordan with tear-filled eyes acknowledging sin’s affliction.

Suddenly Jesus came into view, walked directly on to the scene.
Instantly John beheld His Lord, the One who could make man clean.
“This is the One I preached about, the One far greater than me,
Behold the Savior of Israel. Believe me, this is He!”

Deep within a vision was given, an assurance received without doubt.
John saw the Spirit descend from heaven; the vision fully fleshed out.
The Spirit rested upon the Lord and then he heard God’s voice:
“He upon whom the Spirit rests, He is my Son, my choice.”

John knew then without a doubt He was Lord and Creator of all.
Lifting His voice he identified Christ with a loud and clarion call.
“Behold, dear friends, here is your Savior, the Lamb that God has sent;
He is the spotless Son of God who hears you when you repent.”

Jesus requested to  be baptized, but John didn’t want to do it;
Jesus was perfect in every way; no need for Him to go through it.
But Jesus divine, yet fully man, with mankind identified;
He came to become the Lamb of God that man may be sanctified.

And so John went into the water with Jesus at His side.
Under the water Jesus went denoting the death He would die.
Up out of the water to signify life He would give to the man
Who would place his trust in Christ as God’s salvation plan.

In that moment the heavens were opened with the dove in sight
Descending down over the water and on His shoulder alight.
Then that powerful voice was heard, “With Him, my Son, I am pleased!”
Thus began the work of salvation the Triune God conceived.

Here we see the salvation plan of the Father, Son, and Spirit.
O that we would study His Word; learn to love and revere it!
Man so helpless, steeped in sin, so broken, fractured, and lost
Can be forgiven, Christ within, at heaven’s infinite cost.

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