Friday, August 5, 2016

John 4: Jesus and the Woman at the Well

The Jews didn’t like the Samaritans; they were considered impure.
God totally hated them! Of that they were very sure.
So it was really quite a shock when on the way from Galilee
Jesus walked through Samaria, the reason we soon shall see.

Our Lord stopped at Jacob’s well about noon on that fateful day.
The disciples went to purchase food but Jesus decided to stay.
As he sat there he saw the woman with whom He wanted to speak.
He, a Jew, asked her for water, the setting tense with mystique.

“Why sir, do you, a Jew, ask me for a drink so cool?
We are hated by the Jews, treated by them as fools.”
Jesus answered and said to her, “If you knew the gift and giver
You could receive Living Water flowing in you like a river.”

“I would like this well God gives. What qualifies you to provide it?
Are you greater than Father Jacob who dug it and lived beside it?”
Jesus answered and said to her, “This well can thirst subside,
But the Living Water the Father gives springs up like a fountain inside.”

“Whoever receives this Living Water will never thirst again;
It speaks of the Holy Spirit of God and life that will never end.”
The woman said, “May I have it? What a blessing that would be!”
Jesus replied, “Go get your husband, so he too can see.”

“I have no husband,” the woman said, and she answered true.
“You have had five” Jesus replied, “the sixth is not married to you.”
“Sir, I see that you are a prophet, may I ask you a question true?
Samaritans worship on Mt. Gerizim. What do you think I should do?”

“The hour is coming,” Jesus said, “when that will not be the question.
Worshipping God in Spirit and Truth will be the proper expression.”
God is Spirit and those who worship will not offer a Passover lamb,
For the One who comes to be sacrificed is Himself the great “I AM.”

She then said, “A Messiah will come to care for all the righteous.
He will teach us what we don’t know and perhaps deliver the lifeless.
What a glorious day that will be when the Messiah we see!
Looking deeply into her soul, Jesus said, “I am He.”

The woman with her water pot left with her joy renewed
Inviting all to meet this man of astonishing magnitude.
The disciples returned and urged him to eat failing to get his mood.
He was at peace for such ministry was greater to him than food.

“My food is to do the will of the Father, the One who sent me to earth.
Look around, the harvest is ripe for souls to experience new birth.”
There is still time to gather the harvest before the season expires.
Proclaiming the truth and winning the lost is truly my greatest desire!

© Copyright 2016 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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