Thursday, August 11, 2016

John 9: The Healing of the Blind Man: Part One

There is much about our life we simply don’t understand.
This becomes clear in this account of a sightless man.
Blind from birth, there wasn’t a day he awoke to see morn’s light
But here in John’s record Jesus came to give to him his sight.

The disciples observed the sad affliction endured by the unseeing man.
“Who sinned and caused this eye condition? His parents or this man?”
Since they were sure all sickness was caused by somebody’s evil sin,
They simply assumed it must be his parents or even possibly him.

Jesus answered, “That’s incorrect. He is blind and has never had sight
So that the power of God could be seen in making everything right.
“I am here to work in this world devoid of spiritual insight,
Sent by the Father to be the world’s brilliant shining light.”

Then he spat upon the dirt and made a clay-based poultice
Pasted it upon his eyes in a way that all would notice.
“Go wash this poultice off your eyes. Close your eyelids tight.”
He went and washed in the pool of Siloam and came away with sight.

There were many who had seen him in the days when he was blind
Stunned to see him whole and healed, obviously seeing fine.
Several asked, “What happened to you, how can you now see?”
The man replied, “I met this man, Jesus. It is He who healed me.”

This brings to mind some careful thoughts about which to ponder.
Our life may have a higher purpose, opportunities not to be squandered.
Perhaps our Lord would use our affliction to demonstrate His grace
As He becomes our joy and purpose in running our earthly race.

Whether he gives a miracle or not to deliver from hardship or pain,
We don’t run this race for naught but have an ultimate gain.
This time in which we live right now, which Jesus called the day,
Is our time to serve our Lord, His loving grace on display.

But there is a time Christ called night when goodness will be removed.
A time when evil is so strong man’s heart cannot be moved.
This is the time when all need the light but live in the darkness of sin,
A time when evil will be called right, when there’s no shame within.

This account continued tomorrow will see the Pharisees,
Blinded by pride and arrogance, respond so wrongfully.
To those of us inclined to judge (may this scripture open our eyes)
Serving to give us a life-changing nudge before it is time to die.

 © Copyright 2016 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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