Wednesday, August 17, 2016

John 12: Jesus Predicts His Death on the Cross

Unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone;
but if it dies, it produces much grain
 (John 12:24)   

The timing here is very clear, just days before Passover feast.
The anger among the Pharisees was intense to say the least.
Jesus knew the time was near, His mission on earth to complete;
Preparing those who needed to hear, He told the parable of wheat.

Unless a grain of wheat is planted into the ground and dies,
It will not reproduce itself; it will not multiply.
Unredeemed flesh exalts this life thinking of very few others;
But godly saints pour out His love on many sisters and brothers.

Jesus calls every servant of God to make the proper choice.
Do you embrace the ways of this world or listen for His voice?
Those who die to worldly things, unfettered by fleshly goals
Are the people the Spirit uses to rescue many lost souls.

Jesus could have asked the Father to spare Him from this mission,
But not for a moment did He yield to this fearful position.
He affirmed His purpose anew, said “Father, glorify your name.”
He faced Golgotha resolute in embracing its pain and shame.

Suddenly a booming voice from heaven resounded from the sky.
Some of them thought it was rolling thunder; other’s an angel’s cry.
It was the voice of the Heavenly Father responding to Him then,
Saying, “I have glorified your name and will surely do it again.”

Jesus said, “This word was for you. God has spoken for your sake.
Even though I be lifted up, salvation’s provision I make.
The false ruler will be cast out, the kingdom of God introduced,
Salvation won, the devil stunned, with freedom from his abuse.”

“But why O Lord, do you have to die? Messiah lives forever;
We have been taught His glorious rule is an eternal endeavor.
How could it be the Son of Man should speak of His own demise?
This kind of teaching is new to us. It takes us by surprise.”

Jesus said, “I am the light of the world; you may become sons of light.
Without Me, you walk in darkness, remaining the children of night.
Trust my Word; follow Me, soon it will be quite clear.
You will live with God forever in a Kingdom without peer.

I imagine I would have questioned our Lord the very same way
If I had been there with the Savior on that fateful day.
Calvary made the message clear and now we understand:
To live by faith is to walk each day trusting in God’s plan.

© Copyright 2016 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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