Wednesday, August 31, 2016

John 14: How to Go to Heaven

The thought of Jesus going away was unsettling beyond belief.
Jesus spoke to comfort their hearts, to give them needed relief.
“You believe in God,” the Lord reminded, “Believe also in Me.”
Remember all I’ve said and done, and the blind and lame set free.

“My Father has many beautiful mansions; He has one for you.
If this were not so, I would tell you. These words are totally true.
I have to go soon unto My Father. It will feel like you’re left behind,
But I will come again for you at precisely the right time.”

“I am going to prepare a place for you in the wonder of heaven’s glory.
In the interim proclaim to the world salvation’s wonderful story.
When the time is right and you have completed all your earthly toil,
I will take you unto Myself with rewards that won’t fade nor spoil.”

“How can we know where you went,” said Thomas with some doubt.
“How do we know where you will be and what you will be about?
If others ask us where you went, what do you want us to say?”
Jesus replied, “Tell each one that I will show them the way.”

“Tell them Thomas, I am the way. Truthfully there is no other.
Salvation Is won not by good works nor simply loving your brother.
No one comes to the Father above except He comes through Me.
I alone am the Mediator, the bridge between God and thee.”

That, my friend, is the sum of salvation. Jesus died for our sin.
justice fulfilled, we can stand forgiven, all because of Him.
Man’s salvation will not come through pastor, prophet or priest;
Nor does it hail from mystic religion that comes from far away east.

Only one stands between God and man, His name is Jesus the Lord.
Only He could perform salvation’s plan, man’s spirit to be restored.
He is the perfect Lamb of God, unblemished by mankind’s sin.
Fully God and sinless man, salvation is found in Him.

The Bible tells us how to be saved, to be sure of heaven to gain.
We place our trust in what Jesus gave, not in our earthly campaign.
We simply bend our knee to God, confess our sin and shame,
We trust Him to guide us on this sod as we rise to live for His name.

The Bible says He will flood our mind with salvation’s calm assurance.
His Spirit comes to live within, His presence our heavenly insurance.
Soon we feel His spiritual power, our mind and Spirit transformed
All because of our wonderful Lord and the saving grace He performed.

© Copyright 2016 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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