Tuesday, August 16, 2016

John 11: The Resurrection of Lazarus

This is an account totally true but long and complicated.
Several directions I could expound, but on one I have concentrated.
You really need to read John’s gospel; read it with great care,
You will be blessed by the encouragement you will find in there.

Now Lazarus became quite ill; because of the sickness he died.
Martha knew Jesus could heal had He been at the man’s bedside.
Jesus understanding her pain and the weaknesses of all men
Said, “I came here to comfort you; Lazarus will rise again.”

Martha thought Jesus meant the great resurrection day,
But Jesus already rules over life; no grave could make him stay.
Even today when a loved one dies, his life has not ceased;
A believer goes to be with our Lord with no more pain or disease.

Jesus would do a miracle, but He wanted to comfort dear Mary.
He heard the agony in her voice and felt the grief she carried.
Deeply grieving Jesus said, “I loved Him too, where is he kept?
When they took Him to the tomb, He stood before it and wept.

He wasn’t weeping primarily to ease the grief within.
His tears fell because He felt the consequence of man’s sin.
He, who was the world’s Creator, who formed it in utter perfection,
Saw how Satan, God’s great hater, ruined it with sin’s infection.

How he groaned, troubled within, because of man’s sin affliction;
The way he covers his slavery to sin with elaborate pious tradition.
The world doesn’t need more Pharisees or man-made liturgy.
It needs repentance, from guilt set free, God’s spiritual energy.

This is what Jesus meant when He said “I am the Resurrection.”
Only God can cleanse our soul, removing sin’s infection.
Jesus said, “Remove the stone.” Martha was sure he would stink.
But God is able to do far more than whatever we ask or think!

That’s when Jesus lifted his voice unto the Father above.
He prayed to God to minister for the sake of those He loved.
Then he shouted for all to hear, “Lazarus, it’s time to come out!”
Out from the tomb came the one so dear, alive without a doubt.

I once heard a preacher say, “It’s good He called him by name.
Otherwise all the dead would rise; nothing would be the same.”
That’s mere speculation on my part; it’s not for us to say,
But this I know deep in my heart: It will surely happen someday.

Lazarus came forth all wrapped up, His face still covered as well.
O how the joy flowed as Lazarus told the story he had to tell.
Many nearby who saw this thing quickly believed in the Lord
But Pharisees and Sadducees unleashed the hatred they stored.

From that day on they never stopped creating plans to kill him.
As he continued to teach the folks, it didn’t exactly thrill them.
Soon we will see a devious plot that would take Him to Calvary.
Our salvation would be blood-bought, from sin and death set free.

© Copyright 2016 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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