Saturday, December 5, 2009

Success Principles from the Apostle Paul

Insights from Ephesians: Part Six
Ephesians 4:17-32

Paul gave the church clear instruction to live in God’s grace each day,
For the pagan worldviews are offensive to God with their acceptance of sinful ways.
The Gentiles were known for the vilest of sin yielding freely to base desire
That’s why believers put off their old self and live by truths that are higher.

The Lord has made us a brand new creation, His Spirit lives within.
He helps us say “no” to sinful ways. It’s important to listen to Him.
He teaches us how to deal with anger before the day is through.
The devil employs bitterness and strife as a means to bring harm to you.

There are other truths that transform our life about which we should care:
We must stop the stealing, get gainful employment; always be willing to share.
We must be careful how we converse choosing words that strengthen our friends.
If we encourage, comfort, and edify, they will be friends to the end.

Get rid of all bitterness, anger and brawling.
Refuse to take part in slanderous name-calling.
Don’t grieve the Spirit, with whom you were sealed,
For discipline comes to those who won’t yield.

These are a few of the truths Paul taught that help keep us pure in deed and thought.
But we must do more than read his letter. We must apply them if we would be better.
The Spirit of God is faithful and true never failing to tame and subdue
The foulest temper and unconquered mind enabling us now to be loving and kind.

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