Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Faith without Action is Dead

The Letter from James: Part 3
James 2:14-26

What good is it brothers to claim to have faith when your life reveals no deeds?
Just hearing how well that you can talk is not what a lost world needs.
Suppose a brother in the Lord is homeless and without clothes.
He doesn’t need a Bible quiz to see how much he knows.

What he needs is love from the church and not some trite confession.
He’s homeless, hungry, without hope cause He’s lost his earthly possessions.
So don’t show your faith with a spiritual speech but lacking pertinent action.
When a person has needs there must be good deeds to elicit satisfaction.

Take for example, Abraham, who placed his full trust in God.
He chose to believe and walked in faith as he travelled this earthly sod.
He didn’t sit there in his tent waiting for God to descend.
He followed God from Ur to Canaan, was known as God’s dear friend.

Consider Rahab, a soiled dove, a lady of the night.
Whose heart upon meeting Joshua was opened to the light.
She made a decision to follow God as her spirit was moved with awe,
So she hid Israel’s spies upon her rooftop covering them with straw.

If Rahab had not acted; if her faith had stayed in her head,
The spies upon on the rooftop were just as good as dead.
Faith cannot deliver if it’s reduced to something you think
Anymore than water can help if you fail to take a drink.

So show me your faith without your works; by deeds I’ll show you mine.
Faith acts upon God’s promises, the counterfeit asks for a sign.
Having received the Spirit of God, who gives us wisdom and power,
Let us go forth and act in faith as we serve Him every hour.

© Copyright George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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