Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Power of the Tongue

The Letter from James: Part 4
James 3:1-12

Here is a word to my teacher friends complete with an exhortation.
If to this office you would ascend, remember the expectation.
Those who are called to teach God’s Word will be held to stricter account.
All who are careless with research and words will certainly be found out.

This is a warning all teachers heed as they prepare their daily thought.
Our students suffer when we fail to prepare ourselves as we ought.
Things of value for which we reach feature workmanship first-rate
So prepare thoroughly when you teach. Leave no room for mistakes.

The power of words that flow from our heart bring honor and instruction,
But words uncontrolled tear others apart with sorrow, pain and destruction.
Even though the tongue is small, the power it generates is great.
It’s the spark that lights the fire. Calamity and heartache await.

The tongue can be used to praise our God or curse the ones He created.
Once it is loosed and out of control, it’s impossible to sedate it.
As water pure and that defiled can’t flow from the very same source,
So words that heal are cancelled out by words that blow others off course.

So let us watch our tongue today. Consider God’s Word and fear it.
Let us submit our unruly heart to the Lordship of God’s Spirit.
Let us reach up and trust our God to give us the Spirit’s power
To live today governing our tongue as we walk with Him each hour.

© Copyright George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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