Saturday, December 19, 2009

Words of Wisdom from James

The Letter from James: Part Five
James 4

What is the source of quarrels and fights that plague the human race?
Is it not the sin within, a truth we all must face?
Everyone has a desire inside to have things go our way.
When sin we fail to push aside, our selfishness we display.

Oft we pray and do not receive because we ask amiss.
Our Father does not receive the prayers that flow from a shopping list.
Too often we ask for material things; all forms of earthly treasure,
But possessing gold and beautiful bling can never bring lasting pleasure.

A true believer belongs to God. It isn’t this world we love.
Our focus while walking on this sod is fixed on heaven above.
Though we live within its system, this world is not our friend.
We seek to do the will of God, to live as honorable men.

God stands in opposition to those who are given to pride,
But freely gives grace unto the humble in whom the Spirit resides.
So let us serve our Lord above with motives pure and true;
Let us seek to please Him in everything we do.

Submit yourselves then fully to God; be all that you can be.
Resist the devil by standing firm. Eventually he will flee.
Draw near to God, be cleansed from sin; purify your heart.
Our glorious God will reign within, His power to impart.

Consider God and seek His direction to form a business plan.
Seek Him first with true affection before you decide to expand.
We have been given these earthly years to successfully serve our Lord.
So determine to live with reverent fear; pursue a heavenly reward.

To him who knows the right thing to do but decides then not to do it,
To him it is an intentional sin and sadness will come through it.
So heed these wise words that come from James; hold them in esteem.
For this is the way to steer clear of shame defeating the devil’s schemes.

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