Monday, December 7, 2009

Thoughts about Marriage and Family Life

Insights from Ephesians: Part Eight
Ephesians 5:21-6:4

The Bible speaks of the partnership that husband and wife share.
It isn’t about naming who’s in charge but about the way they care.
The husband is to love his wife with the love Christ has for the church
When a woman finds that kind of a man, she’s ready to end her search.

When a husband loves his wife in the same way Christ loves His bride,
It means he’s willing to lay down his life and work very hard to provide.
Then as he ponders life’s decisions, when there must be a choice,
He seeks her counsel avoiding division, desiring to hear her voice.

The wife is to love her husband, yes, but also to give him respect.
This is what her husband needs from the one he pledged to protect.
The woman needs to hear tender words; to know that she is desired;
She needs to know that she is special, not just a toy he acquired.

Then when children come to the home, the mother gives natural nurture,
But the father is important too; he helps prepare them for their future.
The mother models service and love, dispensing hugs and kisses,
But the father teaches his bold young sons how to treat their future missus.

When teenage emotions and responsibility clash, it elicits testing and sobs.
The Father is there to help his sons learn to be faithful to their job.
He can’t be too harsh or unsympathetic provoking his children to wrath,
But great is their need for a steady strong dad to guide them on life’s path.

It’s clear to see as we read the Bible that God created both sexes.
He created them to make a home and not to become each other’s ex’s.
The very best way to raise a family, to preserve the next generation,
Is for husband and wife to build their lives upon a godly foundation.

I am a product of a clan that was led by godly grandparents
Whose love for God and all their kids was readily apparent.
My mom and dad, aunts and uncles too, all followed their example.
Each produced memories so warm and true, they serve as a heavenly sample.

And so dear friends, I ask the question, “Will you be in heaven too?”
If you are a dad, it’s time to respond to this question honest and true.
If you are a mom who carried your child all the way to birth,
You want them to join you in the glories of heaven, not to lose them on earth.

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