Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Are You Serious about your Faith?

Messages from Malachi: Part One
Malachi 1:1-14

After Ezra and Nehemiah died, Judah allowed her devotion to slide.
There was one hundred years since Haggai before Malachi came forth to prophesy.
He spoke to a people whose priests were corrupt with words that were strong, sometimes abrupt.
They doubted God’s love, dishonored His name; exploited the priesthood for personal gain.

It was a hard message that Malachi spoke to a nation enslaved by sin’s cruel yoke.
All the same problems Malachi observed are present today among those who serve.
We approach His writings with attitude sincere; the sin that was there is also here.
So let’s not pretend we haven’t heard, but carefully examine the prophet’s word.

“A son honors his father and a slave his master, for life without order becomes a disaster.
I am your God deserving respect. Where is the honor I rightfully expect?
How can you keep your spiritual life fresh when the greatest among you live in the flesh?
Why light these fires and burn incense when your heart is filled with evil intent?

The priests are the ones who dishonor My name, whose conduct brings disgrace and shame.
Don’t pretend you’re not to blame when you sacrifice lambs that are blind and maimed.
Try offering them to the one in charge. Why don’t you give it to the governor at large?
You need to come humbly for forgiveness of sin. You need to be cleansed from vileness within.

I wish you would shut the temple door, for your sin is increasing more and more.
You light many fires on the altar true, but I will receive no offering from you.
My name is great among all the nations. I will not endorse your corrupt celebrations.
Such devious conduct will never be accepted. Your hearts are dark, your sacrifice rejected.”

I told you His message was for the serious, not for the faint or merely curious.
God is calling a people to claim, a body of believers who honor His name.
What kind of service have you been giving? Has He become your reason for living?
Time is short, the end is near. Be sure your devotion to Christ is sincere.

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