Thursday, December 10, 2009

God Hates Divorce

Messages from Malchi: Part Two
Malachi 2:1-16

Three sins are shared in Malachi two that were the focus of God’s attention.
He addressed them plainly as you can see to be sure of their comprehension.
Each of these issues chronicled departure from God’s commands in His law
When given by Moses to the tribes as they stood at Mount Sinai in awe.

The first was the curse upon the priests as their God they refused to revere.
The priests were the reason their worship of God was deficient and insincere.
The lips of a priest are to pour forth knowledge, from his mouth men seek instruction,
But by their example and dishonest hearts, they were messengers of destruction.

The second sin was their love for world and evil God had forbidden.
All were to marry within the faith. From within they should find their women.
By marrying pagans who worshipped false gods, they deeply offended their LORD.
Then within two or three generations His truth and light are ignored.

The third sin was the sin of divorce as they abandoned the wife of their youth.
Divorce is not a viable option for those who would live in the truth.
Guard your spirit; commit your heart, for life is a long-distance race.
Devote yourself fully to your spouse. God’s will is not to break faith.

These three sins the Lord condemned as He spoke through Malachi.
We would be wise to watch our ways and his message earnestly apply.
Let us sincerely follow the LORD; loyally walk in His truth,
And let us be faithful to the one who became the wife of our youth.

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