Monday, December 21, 2009

Final Instructions from James

The Letter from James: Part 6
James 5:1-20

“Here is a word to the rich oppressor whose bank account has been growing
By refusing to pay the workmen employed for the fields they were mowing.
‘Your sin is gross. Their cries have been heard. You have stirred the Lord’s ire.
Your sin has condemned you and very soon, your flesh will burn in the fire.’

To those who are suffering in this time, God calls you to persevere.
A Day of Accounting will come to oppressors with judgment sound and severe.
But you, my brother, be patient, stand firm; remember who you work for.
The Lord is coming very soon. Judgment is at the door.

Here are instructions to help you grow as you serve the Lord each day.
If you are happy, sing songs of praise; when you are troubled, pray.
If you are ill, call for the elders; tell them how you feel.
They will anoint and pray to the Lord asking Him to heal.

The prayer of faith is mighty indeed. Many have been made whole.
Our Lord is aware of all our needs and heals us body and soul.
When the illness relates to sin and perhaps some offensive behavior,
God will forgive and cleanse within those who seek His favor.

If any of our friends fall to deception, from truth they wander astray;
Let us go forth and bring them back from the errors of their way.
God’s loving mercy longs to forgive, His Kingdom has no limit.
He will forgive all who belong, for His covenant has placed them in it.”

So let us heed the instruction received in this practical letter from James,
For a life without purpose, fulfillment or peace is certainly not our aim.
So as we grow close to the final Day when Jesus comes for His own,
Let us serve with joy and faithfully pray as we wait for our heavenly home.

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