Friday, December 11, 2009

Generous Giving and Prosperous Living

Messages from Malachi: Part Three
Malachi 3:1-17

God sent the Savior to His people, the messenger He had proclaimed
Who suddenly appeared and cleansed the temple, just as He had ordained.
But man’s greatest judgment lies in the future when Jesus comes again,
For then will the oppressors, sorcerers, and liars hear testimony against their sin.

“Return to Me and I will forgive you,” says the God of power.
“It’s only because of My covenant that you are here this hour.”
“What do you mean ‘Return to Me;’ what have we done to thee?”
“I mean that you are under a curse. You’ve got to stop robbing Me!”

“How have we robbed you? What’s your problem? What do you advise?”
“The whole nation is under a curse for failing to pay the tithe.”
“Bring the whole tithe and not just a part. To you, I offer this test:
See if I open the windows of heaven til you are exceedingly blessed.”

“I will protect your crops in the field. I’ll do this by My mighty hand.
Then all the nations will clearly see you live in a prosperous land.
For when the tithe is brought to God so that there is food in My house,
I, the Lord, will rain down blessings on you, your children, and spouse.”

“There’s one more thing you need to hear: You’ve spoken harsh words against Me.
You have said, ‘It’s futile to serve’ and grumbled against God Almighty.”
Then those who were wise and feared the Lord came together for consultation.
God saw their hearts; listened and heard and honored their consecration.

It’s so easy to groan and complain in troubled times of living,
But are you removed from God’s gracious care because of a lack of giving?
Are you in need of blessings today? Do you need God’s generous provision?
Perhaps it’s time to kneel and pray, to recant your previous decisions.

You can count on God to forgive, for He is a God of grace.
He will supply all your needs when He sees your repentant face.
He has not promised to grant all your wants, but if His Word you will heed,
God will provide fulfillment in life and all your material needs.

© Copyright George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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