Thursday, April 1, 2010

Saul Chosen to be King of Israel

1 Samuel 9-10

Now when our journey last left off, Israel desired a king.
Samuel dutifully told the folks, it wouldn’t be a good thing.
But the people refused to obey, accepting no will but their own.
They insisted that Samuel install a king upon the throne.

Samuel records in chapter nine the account of a man named Saul.
He was a choice and handsome man and also pleasingly tall.
He fit the profile of worldly wisdom. Certainly he was eye candy.
With his stature and natural good looks, the people thought he was dandy

Saul and a servant were searching the land for a herd of donkeys lost.
They decided to inquire of Samuel hoping to avert the loss.
God told the prophet Saul was coming and told him what he should do.
When he arrived Samuel announced, “The one to be king is you.”

Samuel anointed Saul with oil; said, “You have been chosen by God.”
Then he told him several things that at the moment seemed odd.
“When you leave you will meet men with goats and bread and wine.
You will also meet prophets and prophesy. These are God’s sure sign.”

When Saul left Samuel, the signs came to pass; God clearly did his part.
Saul was able to prophesy, for God had transformed his heart.
Then Samuel called the tribes together to formally present their king.
He explained the behavior of royalty and wrote down everything.

Saul went back to his home town surrounded by valiant men.
Knowing that the king would be challenged, God had spoken to them.
Little is known about his reign in those earliest days,
But this we see in the very next chapter: trouble is on its way.

We know many facts about Saul and most of them are bad.
We will soon see his lifetime pursuits compile a record quite sad.
It’s so important to follow the Lord in word, and deed, and song.
Don’t be like Saul who started well but failed to finish strong.

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