Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Terrible Cost of Jealousy

1 Samuel 18

After Goliath, David was in…admired and honored by all.
Saul took David into his home to serve at his beck and call.
Jonathan, the son of Saul, made David, his best friend.
Ambition, fame, and pride of life he was able to transcend.

Saul set David over the men who fought in Israel’s wars.
Never did he anticipate the trouble that was in store.
It was a simple innocent song that started all the pain
When Israeli women danced and sang a troublesome refrain.

The song gave praise to Saul and David, Israel’s famous men.
But for every opponent Saul had killed, David had slain ten.
King Saul did not appreciate the musical critique.
He succumbed to paranoia, for his ego now was tweaked.

Because of his sin and jealousy, the king wished David dead,
But David acted wisely and stayed one step ahead.
But then one night with Saul morose, Dave was summoned to play.
Saul attempted to kill him, but David got away.

Thus began a time of peril filled with great dismay.
These were days of testing as David learned how to pray.
His Psalms record the deepest feelings David freely expressed
Pouring out the pain and pressure from the constant stress.

Jealousy is an ugly thing. It always brings heartache and pain.
In the end the loss is great and nothing at all is gained.
If you allow your mind and spirit to travel down this road,
You will lose God’s precious peace as did Saul of old.

So learn from Saul and forsake this sin, for it will surely kill you.
Satan seeks to sell these lies and he will surely bill you.
If you yield to his foul plan, the actions you embrace
Will cause pain for others and bring you much disgrace.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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