Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Saul's Coronation

1 Samuel 12

When it was time for Saul’s coronation,
Samuel had something to say.
“I want a public examination
Of all my conduct and ways.”

“Is there someone I have cheated?
Have I ever taken a bribe?
Now is the time for you to repeat it.
Step forth my sin to describe.”

Upon hearing their aging prophet
They affirmed his integrity.
Samuel told them God would not stop it
But clearly He was displeased.

“Today you have chosen what you desire—
A king to rule from your throne.
You threw off the Lord your God
To ask for a leader unknown.

God has allowed you to have your way.
He will be faithful and true.
If you will fear Him and obey
He will be gracious to you.

Now even though it is early summer,
A time when there is no rain,
God will give you thunder and lightning
His faithfulness to proclaim.”

Just then the sky lit up with lightning
Loud thunder rolled through the land.
The people were terribly frightened
By the power of God’s mighty hand.

Samuel gave them a word of comfort
Telling them he would pray. He said,
“Serve the Lord with all your heart
And in His presence stay.

Sadly we know the rest of the story,
How far they drifted from Him.
We should do better in giving Him glory,
For we have the Spirit within.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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