Monday, April 26, 2010

Preparation for the Throne

1 Samuel 22; Psalm 57; 142; Philippians 4:13

Samuel records the trials of David hunted by the king.
When he awoke, he never knew what each new day would bring.
Jonathan helped him flee the king and stay one step ahead.
By the faithfulness of God, he defeated fear and dread.

Though he was hunted like a dog, David kept his head.
Many others came to him desiring to be led.
David made them mighty men whose valor became known.
These many issues daily faced prepared him for the throne.

From the Cave of Adullum, which he shared with loyal men,
David cried unto the Lord time and time again.
From the depths of dark despair up to a time of praise,
David yielded to the Lord, fought off his deep malaise.

Saul went on a killing spree, murdering Israel’s priests.
The king was losing lucidity with evil on the increase.
The spirit of darkness ruled him; he was slowly losing his mind.
His life became a symbol of the failure of mankind.

We are reminded by this account of the terrible danger of sin.
A jealous, bitter, murderous spirit changes us within.
When we focus on self alone; live by the order of Saul,
We become most miserable, perhaps a danger to all.

But David is an illustration of God’s grace and love.
He remained steady and stable because of God above.
With each new challenge that he faced, he called unto the Lord.
He received strength and grace each day for his spirit to be restored.

So here is a truth God has revealed for all of us to see:
Living in communion with Him is the only way to be.
We have no strength on our own because of sin’s cruel sting,
But when we rely upon God above, we can do everything.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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