Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jonathan--A Profile in Courage and Faith

1 Samuel 14

The Bible tells us facts obscure to remind us of God’s great power.
Oft He came to Israel’s aid in their darkest hour.
Israel had few weapons of war, no swords of sharpened steel.
Facing the Philistines so ill-equipped was short on public appeal.

But in the face of all these facts, we read about Saul’s pure son.
Jonathan knew if God attacked, the battle would surely be won.
He looked across the deep defile to see the Philistine camp.
He felt a desire to go and fight; his faith and courage were amped.

He climbed the cliff on hands and knees along with his armor-bearer.
Together they fought twenty men creating a scene of terror.
There was an earthquake during the fight; the Philistines ran in retreat.
This was the first of many more battles Israel had to repeat.

Why did God use the son of Saul to lead the fight that day?
Is it because he had a heart to trust God and obey?
While Saul was sitting under a tree surrounded by 600 men,
Jonathon was busy killing their foes with the help of a loyal friend.

Jonathan was a man of courage, an example of trusting faith.
He believed God would keep His word to give His people their place.
We could learn from his example in our Christian walk:
That we need to engage in battle, not just talk the talk.

So let’s do more about the conditions in the world today.
Let’s care for the lonely, give to the poor; take more time to pray.
Let’s tell about Jesus across the land in every city and town
With Gospel light assaulting the darkness tearing its gateway down.

God alone can save our nation and restore our spiritual health.
Surely we see there is no hope in amassing material wealth.
Wealth and possessions do not fulfill. Their promises are fleeting.
Let us remember that future day when Jesus we will be meeting.

How about you? Are you courageous? Are you a person of faith?
Have you experienced God’s salvation given to us by grace?
Have you engaged yourself in battle? Are you serving our Lord?
Have you fixed your heart on the day you receive your eternal reward?

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