Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Saul's Character Flaws Exposed

1 Samuel 11-13

In the first year of his reign Saul clashed with the Ammonites.
God gave him a decisive victory, for what he did was right.
Thus Saul created a standing army to defend the growing nation.
He kept two thousand by His side, the rest with Jonathan stationed.

Nobody knows if the Philistines provoked it, but Jonathan went on the attack.
Saul called for the men to gather together in case the Philistines react.
Three thousand chariots (two in each cart), six thousand riding abreast
Combined that day with innumerable soldiers to put Israel to the test.

All of Israel saw imminent danger. They trembled in fear and despair.
Some of them hid in caves and rocks while others got out of there.
Saul was waiting to worship and pray at the prophet’s appointed time,
But Samuel was delayed that day and Saul committed a crime.

Instead of waiting for the priest he disobeyed God’s law.
He offered the sacrifice by himself plainly before them all.
Samuel arrived shortly thereafter, admonished Saul quite strong.
“You will now forfeit your legacy, for what you have done is wrong.”

There is a lesson for all to learn as we travel the Christian road.
To trust our God in faith and obedience is the loyalty owed.
If we would see the power of God move in impossible ways,
Then it is faith and obedience that must be on display.

Saul and Jonathan were ill-equipped to face the Philistine might.
But God desired to rescue them in the midst of their terrible plight.
God cares that much for us as well; He knows each challenging task.
He calls His children to knock on His door and never cease to ask.

So take the lesson you see in this passage. Burn it deep in your heart.
God has promised to watch and keep you; His presence will never depart.
Don’t pattern your life after the order of Saul, for his life was a disaster.
Following Saul earns a premature trip to an unrewarded hereafter.

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