Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The People Want a King

Samuel was a faithful judge who walked with God each day.
But sadly his unworthy sons could not receive such praise.
When it came to godliness, they didn’t bring a thing,
So the people said to him, ‘Appoint for us a king.”

Samuel’s heart was broken as he experienced this rejection.
He had been faithful to the task of giving spiritual direction.
But God told Samuel, “Don’t feel bad, it’s Me they’ve cast aside.
They desire to copy the world and let their devotion slide.

Samuel returned to the elders of Israel and this is what he said:
“If you choose to follow this path, there will be changes ahead.
You will lose your sons and daughters, which ought to make you nervous.
He will tell you how he needs them in his government service.

He will take your mules and horses and your finest fields.
You will pay unending taxes on all that your business yields.
With these ever-increasing burdens your conversations will ring
With deep regret and songs of lament having consented to rule by a king.”

Nevertheless the people refused to heed Sam’s proclamation. They said,
“Give us a king so we can be like all of these other nations.”
Samuel told the Lord about it wondering what this would bring.
The Lord replied, “Heed their voice. Go and find them a king.”

We gain wisdom as we read this story over and over again,
For it reveals the trouble that came and how it all came to an end.
So let us take this inside knowledge, apply it to life today.
Let us be careful to heed God’s voice and in His presence stay.

Consider the troubles we now face in the time in which we live.
Consider how the middle class is forced to give and give.
If only we would seek God more and look to government less.
We could avoid the trouble in store and dig our way out of this mess.

Let us learn from Israel’s sin with all their foolish decisions.
Let us consider the Word of God and make some sensible revisions.
Let us help each other more rejecting big government plans.
For it’s not politicians but Jesus alone, who is the Savior of man.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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